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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Clean Your Writing and Your Space

Spring is just around the corner and it is time for the traditional spring cleaning. Consider spring cleaning both your writing and your writing space for a fresh outlook for 2015.

Spring cleaning your writing space can do several things for your writing. A clean desk and uncluttered writing space can actually be inspiring to your writing. It is healthy to de-clutter both the top of your desk and even your files. Pay attention to ideas or partial projects and sort them into two piles. Pile one might be projects that need little attention to finish and submit while pile two might be projects that you want to slush for now. Sorting this information will free you to work on productive projects and open your writing opportunities to those that should be pursued. Other labels to help you sort your files and projects might be:
  • Active vs Dead
  • Submit vs Revise
  • Good vs Trash
  • New ideas to pursue vs Current ideas to finish
Consider rearranging your writing space if you feel blocked. Turning your desk a different direction or changing the view from your current space with a new picture or new lighting can be inspirational and spark new writing for the season. Sometimes a new coat of paint, a new pillow, a bright light, or new file folders and pens are all it takes to brighten your writing space and inspire new ideas.

Other ideas for spring cleaning your space and your writing include evaluating your current progress and productivity. Is what you currently do with your writing getting you to where you want to be with your writing? For me personally the answer this spring is no it isn't... I have had an injury and can no longer work the long hours that nursing requires so my goal is to make my writing more financially lucrative. It requires some discipline on my part to evaluate what has worked the past years and what hasn't so I can take a new approach to my writing as a career.

Maybe it is time to again ask yourself what it is you want to do this year with your writing? Is your writing a hobby or a business? What do you enjoy writing and how can that work into your writing goals?  Do you write as a career or to relieve stress? Do you journal or create characters and plots?

You get the idea. The main thing is to let winter be gone and instill the freshness of spring into your space and into your writing. Giving your writing space and your files a good spring cleaning can be both freeing and inspirational. It can also give your writing new purpose and help you be your best for 2015. How will you spring clean your writing and your space? I would love to hear your ideas.

Terri Forehand writes from her home in Nashville Indiana writing for children, health, and her love of fabrics. Her most recent experience in hand dying wool for rug hooking is leading to another set of writing ideas.

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