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4 Tips to an Effective Subscriber Opt in Email Box

You’re an author. You have a book published or self-published, or you’re in the process of writing a book or ebook.

If this is the case, you no doubt have a website set up. If not, you’ll need to get one up as soon as possible.

With a website in place, you’ll want to promote what you have to offer by bringing traffic to the site. You can do this through article marketing.

So, far so good.

But, what do you do with the visitors who come to your site? Will a one-time visitor buy what you’re offering?

First time visitors most likely will not buy what you’re offering, so you need to grab that visitor to be sure she returns and so you can develop a relationship with her.

To grab a visitor, you need to get that visitor’s email address, with permission of course. Having the email address allows you to send weekly (or more often) newsletters or information emails. To get an email address onto your subscriber list, you will need a subscriber opt in box.

Well, let me backtrack a moment. First, you need to have an email service, such as iContact or Aweber. The email service you choose will have the tools for you to create a subscriber list and opt in box.

Okay, so now you have a website and you have the code to an opt in box that will go on your site. You’re right on track.

Now the question is: where do you put the opt in box?

4 Tips to an Effective Subscriber Opt in Emzil Box

1. Research shows that opt ins must be readily visible upon landing on the page and should be located on the upper right-hand side of the page.

2. Some studies also show that an orange colored opt-in box coverts better than other colors. I’m not sure about that though. But, you can easily test it out by changing the color of your opt in. If you’re not afraid to tweak the HTML code to your opt in, go into it and change the code for the background color.

You can check out the two sites below to get an idea of what color codes are and what’s available:

You might also do an online search for “color codes.”

3. Let the visitor know his email address is secure. Make sure you have wording, either below your opt in box or adjacent to it, that assures the visitor his email address is safe and secure.

4. Along with having your opt in on your website, for higher conversion you should create a separate opt in landing page.

There you have it: Four simple tips to create a more effective email address list opt in box. 

If you'd like even more email marketing tips that will show you exactly how to create and build your subscriber list, check out:



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