Monday, September 2, 2013

Call For Guest Posts

This is a mid-summer call for guest posts from our readers. 

Taking advantage of guest blogging is a great marketing move - it's part of article marketing. You make connections and you increase your visibility . . . and authority.

Why not share with us your experiences, your knowledge, and your thoughts on writing and marketing. While we'd love original content, we do accept reprints. So, take the plunge and guest post on Writers on the Move.

If you're interested, please check the Guidelines Page (we do not accept third-party links).

Hope to see you up on this page soon!


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  1. How do I submit a post Karen?

  2. Hi, Wendy,

    You can email me at karencioffi --at-- ymail --dot-- com

  3. Oh, be sure to read the Guest Post Guidelines page on this site.


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