How Yoga and Aerobic Exercise Can Help Defeat Writer's Block

It seems Writers on the Move is attracting the attention of freelance writers who are promoting online colleges, and today I have another guest article from freelance writer Carrie Lewis.

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How Yoga and Aerobic Exercise Can Help Defeat Writer's Block

Guest Post by Carrie Lewis

 “Once in a while you have to take a break and visit yourself.” These are powerful words for writers to keep in mind, especially for those trying to defeat the dreaded syndrome known as Writer's Block. This can be quite a challenging condition for writers to contend with because they lose their ability to produce fresh and engaging content, or any content at all for that matter. Even the most seasoned wordsmiths sometimes have to make the unnerving discovery that their writing has become lifeless, devoid of imagination and loaded with repetition. When a writer makes this undesirable discovery, he or she should immediately take a break and find an escape. Yoga and aerobic exercise are two phenomenal activities these stressed writers can turn to in order to refresh themselves. Let's take a look at how yoga and aerobic exercise can help defeat Writer's Block by providing refreshment to the body, mind and spirits.


The stretching and deep breathing involved in yoga really helps relax us and leaves us more alert, energized and refreshed. After just an hour of yoga, writers will feel ready to once again return to their work with a renewed sense of creative prowess. When writers experience Writer's Block, they immediately feel down on themselves and negativity seems to pervade their minds. Yoga helps eradicate this incessant negative self-talk, which can destroy creativity. You will build a strong and healthy body by engaging in yoga and you will naturally become better at handling stressful situations.

Aerobic Exercise

Neuroscience has authoritatively proven that aerobic exercise stimulates creative thinking, which makes it a powerful escape for writers to turn to when dealing with Writer's Block. Studies have proven that those who exercise routinely sleep better, which translates to a surge in the flow of our creative juices the next day. The sweat we experience when exercising helps lubricate our brains and makes our thinking more fluid. After we engage in about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, endorphins, feel good chemicals that combat stress or pain, are released in areas of our brains that produce feelings of pleasure and reward. Endorphins minimize the discomfort of vigorous exercise and are associated with feelings of euphoria. This can help writers return to their work with renewed spirits.

All writers experience the dreaded Writer's Block at some point or another. Yoga and vigorous aerobic exercise can help to combat the syndrome by destroying negativity and fostering creativity.

Carrie Lewis is an avid fitness enthusiast, online English instructor for Carrie has recently started writing her own novel and often turns to yoga and vigorous aerobic exercise to refresh her body, mind and spirits.


Mary Jo Guglielmo said...

Karen, Thanks for featuring Carrie. I find movement of any kind helps me get past writers block, though I do love yoga.

Donna McDine said...

I'm a Pilates gal and find the stretching definitely keeps my muscles toned as well as my brain muscles. Great article Carrie!

Karen Cioffi said...

I like stretching and walking. Although I'm thinking of getting a recumbent bike. Movement is important for so many reasons!

Magdalena Ball said...

I can't agree enough Carrie. Swimming and yoga are my two exercises - and both help me with my writing because they're breathing based. I've even blogged about it in my post on Writing, Fear and Yoga.

Heidiwriter said...

That reminds me--I need to get back to Yoga! I do find that taking a walk or getting some type of exercise will often help me when I'm stumped on a story problem.

Debbie A Byrne said...

I've been suffering from writers block but have not tried yoga. I did some walking over the weekend, while the weather was nice. Hopefully this week will be more productive for me.

Anne Duguid Knol said...

I'm with Donna--a Pilates addict. I love the stretching and toning and it has certainly stopped all the aches and pains I used to get from sitting too long at the computer.

Karen Cioffi said...

Hi, John, glad you found the article informative. Thanks for stopping by.

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