Cross Promote With Other Authors for Holiday Giving

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson
This is the time of year when you could work up a cross-promotion for the holidays. You could do it with another author (sort of a two-for-one special), or think of something on your own—a discount, a free booklet, etc.

  • Any promotion you choose to do has to be promoted. I'm sure you have things you could do with what you are doing lots of anyway. Your blog, Facebook page, newsletter, Twitter, etc. etc. are examples
  • Make a Web page where readers can pay by Paypal. This can drive lots of traffic to your site, so it’s not a bad thing. It’s even better if they can also pay with a credit card. Only in an emergency, should you ask them to send you a check.
  • You  need to have enough markup in your book to cut the price pretty drastically and still make at least a little money, usually 50%. This unique book paints a revealing picture of America for those foreigners who will benefit from a better understanding of America. Endorsed by ambassadors, teachers and editors, it even examines our culture, customs and language.
  • Start promoting very early. Frequency counts.
  • Someone (probably you) needs to handle the shipping. Work that into your plans.
  • Alternatively, you could put together an online holiday catalog. There are suggestions for services that already do these in The Frugal Book Promoter, but if you’re good with html design, you could work on one of these cooperatively, too. There’s information on that in the Second Edition of The Frugal Book Promoter, too. ( )
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Magdalena Ball said...

Some great suggestions here Carolyn and I'm looking forward to cross-promoting with you for the holidays! The online holiday catalog is a great one - guess it's time to get started.

Heidiwriter said...

Great idea,Carolyn!

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