The No.1 Reason Visitors Will Like Your Website

Did you know it takes a visitor only 4 SECONDS to decide if s/he likes your website. And, do you know what the #1 criteria is for a favorable decision?


Imagine, it’s as easy as creating a website with the RIGHT design. And, if you’re wondering what the ‘right’ design is, it’s simplicity.

Everyone is in a rush today. On top of that, everyone is bombarded with information. So much so, that they don’t really have time to stop and read a long drawn-out landing page. People skim or browse sites. They want simple . . . quick.

If they decide they like your site, they’ll bookmark it to come back and check it out when they have a few minutes.  Or, maybe one of your article headlines will grab the visitor and motivate him to stay on your site to actually read the article there and then. This is the power of an effective design . . . and copy.

Getting Yeses to Your Call-to-Actions

Another valuable tidbit is that with a great web design, chances of conversion (someone clicking on your call-to-action) increases by forty percent!

Forty percent increase in conversion – that’s HUGE!

Why Have a Website in the First Place?

Okay, you might be wondering if you really need a website, let alone having a great design. Well, according to AgencyPlatform, “Google mentioned that they’re conducting around trillions of searches per year. As per media reports." (2) This translates to about around 2 trillion searches per year.

Not millions. Not billions. But, TRILLIONS of searches!

"This means that the search volume may be round about 200 billion on a monthly basis, which comes to round about 4 million searches per minute."

It's hard to wrap your brain around the sheer volume of these numbers.

But, it’s pretty simple to understand that if there are trillions of online searches, people are looking for what they want online. If you have anything to sell (including your books or writing services), you’ve got to be online . . .  you’ve got to have a website.

Now, don’t get anxious. Creating a website that has a great design is as simple as choosing the right theme.

So, if you’re in the process of getting a website up as the foundation of your online platform or you’ve been mulling it around for a bit, there couldn’t be a better time do get started. Or, maybe you have a site up, but it’s just not producing the results you want. Well, this is a great time to take your site up-a-notch.

The Reason.

A GREAT e-class over at WOW! Women on Writing:

Create Your WordPress Website Today
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This 5-day e-class will show you, step-by-step, how to create your own WordPress Website. There’s video instruction, one-on-one with the instructor, and lots and lots of information and guidance. Create it in ONE day or take the FIVE days!

Whether you’re an author, writer, or home business, you need an online platform and the website is the foundation of that platform.

I’m the instructor of the class and can honestly say you’ll learn lots from it. And, you’ll get your site up and running in no time.

So, again, if you’re in the market for a website or need to tweak yours, don’t procrastinate.  Register for Create Your WordPress Website Today!



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