Sunday, September 3, 2017

How to Do a Book Tour


I’ll show you how I did my first book tour. I’m sure there may be other ways, but this worked for me.

1)    Host blogs. You need several hosts that are willing to post the author’s book, interview, and bio. Whatever you have set up with that host. I like adding an interview because it made it more personal, and you get to know the author better. Not all hosts want all this information. They may just want a book cover, small synopsis, and bio (author picture optional). Some blog hosts have their own interview questions they’d rather have. That’s great. Whatever makes them happy, and it’s good for you too.
2)     Next, make sure you have dates set up with each host blog. You need to have them set up at least a month, or more, ahead. Make sure you enter all the information on a calendar. I used Yahoo calendar and a manual (wall) calendar.
3)     Some hosts may just want to post the tour for one day, while others, a few days. Make sure you mark your calendar accordingly.
4)     Something to think about is asking the blog hosts if they would be interested in reading the book (free) for doing a book review on their site. This is optional, but it really helps to have the host talk personally about the book.
5)     Make sure you email your hosts before the dates to make sure everything is going as planned. You don’t want something to sneak up on you and throw the tour off track.
6)     Plan to send the hosts all the information the day before, or the day of, the tour. Whatever is easier for the host. You want to make it as easy as you can for them.
7)     Get in contact with everyone you know and send them the link when the tour is going. The more people you communicate with, the better success it will be. I posted to all my social medias.
8)     Don’t forget to thank the hosts for making the tour a success. Also, promise them you’ll be one of their tour hosts when they need you.

So, you see, it’s not that complicated. It does take patience, time and dedication. Plus, this is a good way to meet new people. Take the challenge and see what you can do for your book(s). Happy touring!

Linda Barnett-Johnson, is a Virtual Assistant for authors and enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and making up quotes. You can locate her website here: She also posts new books, writing articles and author interviews on her blog:


Karen Cioffi said...

Linda, great tips on how to organize a virtual book tour. It's all about visibility and asking host sites to help is a good way to broaden your book's marketing reach.

Linda Barnett-Johnson said...

Exactly. The more you grow your audience, the more people will tell others, and the more books you should sell.

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