Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Write for Magazine Publication - #3


Writing for Magazine Publication is a great way to monetize your writing and test topic marketability.
Let’s talk about Structure today. 

This series offers tips and ideas for magazine publishing: a list of genres or categories and where we find ideas (posted 5.25.18), research tips (posted 6.25.18), standard templates for essay and article pieces (7.25.18), query letters, formatting for submittal, and copyright definitions.

What’s the difference between an essay and an article?
  • The essay is all about the writer, but an article is all about the reader.
  • An essay is an opinion piece: an analytical or interpretative composition with a limited point of view.
  • An article is non-fiction prose that is information or knowledge based.
Templates for composing an Article or an Essay:
The recommended template for Articles follows:
  • The opening paragraph, is the introduction, and should be to the point and tightly written.
  • Transition – getting into the subject
  • Steps – describe the process in steps
  • Tips – offer tips for success
  • Conclusion

The standard Essay template follows:
  • Introduction Paragraph – Capture interest, move from the general to the specific and write a thesis statement as the final sentence of this paragraph.
  • Body of the Essay – Three Supporting Paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, and then present evidence to support your ideas, anticipate push back – refute it, and finish the paragraph with a smooth transition to the next supporting point.
  • Conclusion – One Paragraph
    • Restate your thesis in a similar way
    • Summarize your first, second, and third supporting points
    • Confirm the validity of your ideas
    • End the conclusion with a call-to-action or an emotional appeal

Resources of interest:
For Articles -- Eva Shaw’s The Successful Writer’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles--Amazon:

For Essays:

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Karen Cioffi said...

Deborah, you made it very simple to understand the difference between and article and an essay:
The essay is all about the writer, but an article is all about the reader.
Can't get easier than that. Thanks for this magazine publishing series!

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