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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Guided Imagery for the Writer and Everyone Else


The world is a hot-mess. I don’t know of anyone who’s not stressed and anxious.

Being creative, whether writing fiction or nonfiction, takes focus. And as a writer, it’s natural that at times you'll find it difficult to concentrate on writing.

With the added distraction of the world’s craziness, well…

I’ve been a subscriber to Bob Rich’s newsletter for a long time and a very recent email was titled Unfolding Guided Imagery.

After reading it and following it, I was impressed so thought I’d share his other guided imagery articles at: 

Also, if you'd like to learn more on how to use tools of positive psychology to ease your stress, Bob runs a free 5-session online course –  you can email him about this at:

You might also like reading  “Two women aged 55.” You'll find it at:

In addition to being a blogger and author, Bob is a retired psychotherapist.


Bob Rich would jump off this planet because of its crazy inhabitants if it wasn’t for the tools of positive psychology. They allow us to stay calm, sane and even contented in the worst situations (though of course we need to remember to use them).

All these tools are covered in one way or another in two of Bob’s books. You’ll need to go for a hunt on his blog to find them.


Hope this helps you in your writing and in your life !


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