Taking Time Out!

By "time out," I mean taking time "out" and perhaps even outside.

This weekend I have taken myself "out," for a private writers retreat.
For most of us, writing is a passion, it's what keeps us happy,
but it's a full time or part time job that keeps us in a home with food on the table.

Juggling writing with family and work is always a challenge,
and at a certain point you may find that taking time out might benefit you. 

I find retreating really helpful when I've completed a manuscript and need some time for heavy duty revision. I may also retreat  when I'm feeling blocked and need to force my seat in the chair for a period of time.

Here are some guidelines to getting the most from your writers retreat:

Finding the spot for your writers retreat.

I generally find that cabins in the woods or on lakes work really well for me. 

1. You will most times bring in your own food, which means that you will not be distracted by where to eat. 

2.  I find these places quiet, which also helps with limiting distractions. 

3. A walk along the shore or on a deserted path creates a great "head" writing opportunity. 

Cabins are not the only places that writers may find to retreat to. Many authors use hotels or motels as places to disappear to and work. 

Where doesn't work? I find it challenging to use my home, even when the rest of the family is gone, because there is always something that can be and should be done. Remember distraction is your enemy.

All work and no play?

You may find, like myself, that you accomplish so much that taking the time for a walk only makes you more creative. I find my fingers fairly flying across the keyboard when I return from a stroll. 

1. Plan your writing/editing/revising time.
2. Plan your creative building time - otherwise known as walks, and/or hot baths.

So this year, plan your own retreat and get "out."


Currently, D. Jean is retreating to work on her latest women's fiction novel about reincarnation.

She is a writer of Women's Fiction and a co-author of a Young Adult Science Fiction Series. Her latest book, Flight from the Water Planet, Book 1 of The Exodus Series was written with coauthor, Austine Etcheverry.

D. Jean loves to tell stories of personal growth – where success has nothing to do with money or fame, but of living life to the fullest. She is also the author of the novels: Rocky's Mountains, Fire in the Hole and, Perception. 

The Mermaid, her award winning short story was published in the anthology, Tales from a Sweltering City.  

She is a wife, mother, grandmother and business coach. In her free time . . . ha! ha! ha! Anyway, you can find more about D. Jean Quarles, her writing and her books at her website at www.djeanquarles.com

You can also follower her at www.djeanquarles.blogspot.com or on Facebook


Romance Book Haven said...

I'd love to read that women's fiction book featuring reincarnation. Sounds like my kind of book...or shoudn't I say reads like my kind of book...but I do think you know what I mean.


Karen Cioffi said...

Ah, taking off for a writing retreat sounds great. I'd love to go where that picture is!

Magdalena Ball said...

Your own personal writing retreat! That's a terrific suggestion - inexpensive and effective. Getting away from the distractions and doing nothing but writing, even if it's just for a few hours, is a great way to focus on a big project. I'm going to put this in my objectives for the year. Thank you!

widdershins said...

Have a wonderful creative time!

Kathleen Moulton said...

Huh. I've never thought of treating myself like this. I think I will schedule 1 or 2 retreats somewhere!


Mary Jo Guglielmo said...

I'm hoping to take a week long retreat this fall. I like the idea of a personal retreat somewhere, maybe I need to do small weekend retreat too.

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