Writing and Weather

Forget the April showers, May flowers and March coming in like a lion, because that's January's job.  Here in South Carolina, only 12 days in, we have had rain, freezing temperatures, warm balmy temperaturres and a few things in between.  I was watching the news the other night based out of Asheville, North Carolina, and they were mentioning the snow in California and the single digit temperatures in the Utah-Colorado-Wyoming-Montana areas. 

Our writing is somewhat like the weather - we have that perfect day where everything falls into place and the weather isn't too hot or too cold; we have those really cold days where we can't think of anything to write and then we have those really hot days where we are smokin' and accomplish a lot.

I've been a funk, like the weather, and haven't really been able to shake it and get back to writing anything, although I'm hoping that by the end of the month to have many new ideas for my middle grade/YA characters to make into a series.  I'd love for more of the balmy, perfect days of writing but for now, it's just not happening. 

Maybe I need a total getaway from everything and start over like my daughter did or maybe I just need to open a document and start writing again and forget about the perfect days, just do it.  Whatever it is I need to get back on track, I hope it shows up soon so that I can get more stories published. 

Hoping all your writing days are balmy and perfect and not the super cold or super hot days - see you all in the postings - E :)

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Margaret Fieland said...

Elysabeth, here's hoping your muse weather clears up. Thanks for the post. I find journalling helps when I'm stuck, or writing a scene that won't make it into a book. Anything, simply to get unstuck.

Mary Jo Guglielmo said...

Sometimes our muse just needs a holiday. Why your muse is away try some creative list-making to get your juices flowing. How about
--15 possible setting
--10 new characters

Melanie said...

Nothing worse than having your muse go walkabout. I'm trying a little Scottish folk music right now to see if brings my muse out of hiding. I think I was rather mean to it during NaNoWriMo.

If that doesn't work, I'll peruse some of my photos from various trips to the auld country.

Magdalena Ball said...

I like to think of those 'funks' as gestation time. As long as they don't stick around too long. Sometimes changing genre during the funks helps me. If my fiction is stuck, I'll write poetry. If poetry muse won't come - a little nonfiction usually works.

Karen Cioffi said...

Great suggestions for kick-starting your writing. I've read that it helps to simply sit at the computer and type - whatever comes to mind. I think this was for 20 minutes, but the article said that after 5 - 10 minutes something usually kicks in.

I think the idea is not to force the creativity, just see what happens.

Hope your muse is back soon!

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