Book Review || The Story Within: New Insights and Inspiration for Writers

The Story Within: New Insights and Inspiration for Writers by Laura Oliver, MFA, Reviewed by Deborah Lyn Stanley

Today I’m sharing another one of my favorite, most helpful books. Laura Oliver’s book has done as promised for my writing practice.  Writer’s Digest recommended Laura Oliver’s book; I grabbed a copy and spent time reading, taking notes and absorbing Laura’s message.

Laura’s delivery style is refreshing and upbeat. As a published author, Laura teaches fiction and essay writing to university students.  We are all fortunate to have access to her instructional messages in this book. The book includes tips, delving into why we write, lessons to go with the flow of your story, the significance of journaling deeper, and guidance for growing skills.

Journaling deeper is my favorite message of Laura’s. I must be more diligent to journal, free write, and dig deeper into the heart of my stories. 

The Goal of the book is to build a writer’s confidence and to just begin writing; no need to know the whole story first. 

I highly recommend this book. It’s refreshing and empowering with insights that inspire our writers' journey.

Thank you Laura Oliver!


Deborah Lyn Stanley is an author of Creative Non-Fiction. She writes articles, essays and stories. She is passionate about caring for the mentally impaired through creative arts.
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Karen Cioffi said...

Deborah, thanks for bringing this book on writing to our attention!

Terry Whalin said...

Deborah Lyn,

Thanks for telling us about this book. I've never heard of it but will have to read it and learn from it.


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