By Mindy Lawrence
Many celebrities use ghostwriters to pen their biographies because they either don’t have time to do it themselves or don’t feel comfortable writing. Although the person needs his or her story out, they can’t do it themselves for some reason. This also goes for businesses that want to brand a product or service. Their solution is to hire a ghostwriter.
Here are the top five reason why writers use a ghostwriter.
•         Ghostwriters saves time.
•         Ghostwriters help build brand awareness quicker.
•         Ghostwriters are professional writers.
•         Ghostwriters know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
•         Ghostwritten content Is authentic content.
Top ghostwriters make a good living. However, It’s not an easy line of work to break into. If you want to do this type of work, these are the areas where you need to have experience.
•         Become a good freelance writer.
•         Write your own book.
•         Create a network through your freelance work
•         See if old clients need work written
•         Join sites that have listings for ghostwriters
•         Work on your skills in collaboration with others
•         Maintain a good relationship with your clients
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Mindy Lawrence is a writer, ghost blogger, and artist based in Farmington, Missouri. She worked for the State of Missouri for over 24 years and moved to Farmington in 2020.

She proofread the Sharing with Writers newsletter by Carolyn Howard-Johnson and wrote “An Itty-Bitty Column on Writing” there for ten years. She has been published in Writers' Digest magazine and interviewed by NPR’s All Things Considered.


Karen Cioffi said...

Mindy, great tips on why people use ghostwriters. And some don't realize that ghostwriters need to know SEO. We have in depth articles on both:

SEO for Authors Series: The Basics

The Ghostwriter

Thanks for sharing!

Terry Whalin said...


Thank yhou for these tips on ghostwe4riting. I've done a fair share of this work with about a dozen people--and I'm still doing it. From my experience, many writers only want to write their own material but there is an endless supply of other people's stories to write--and as the writer, I learn a lot from the process.

author of Book Proposals That $ell, 21 Secrets To Speed Your Success (Revised Edition)

Debra Eckerling said...

Ghostwriting is a great business avenue for writers. Thanks for the informative, comprehensive highlights!

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