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Below, find links to marketing series, webinar replays, SlideShares, and Video links to SUPER-USEFUL writing and marketing information:



SEO for Authors Part9 – Duplicate Content

SEO and the Author Part8 - Images and Website Speed

SEO and the Author Part7 - Your Landing Page

SEO and the Author P6 - Image Optimization

SEO for Authors Part5 - Marketing Trends to be Aware Of

SEO for Authors Part4 - LSI Keywords

SEO for Authors Part3 - Outbound Links in Your Blog Posts

SEO for Authors Part 2 – Keywords and Descriptions

SEO for Authors Series: The Basics


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Create an MP3 Podcast – The NO Frills, No Cost Way Using Audacity
30 minutes

Create Your Own eBook Cover
About 1 hour

Designing Customized Facebook Pages
1 Hour

Book Marketing
Developing Teaching Tools and Activities to Enhance Classroom Curriculum
38 Minutes


Breaking Through Writers Block
50 Minutes

Creating Great Characters
1 Hour


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