Saturday, April 28, 2012

End procrastination and get started on your writing project today

End Procrastination in Just Seven Minutes

Procrastination is an insidious habit that makes you feel as if you are accomplishing things while you remain stuck, paralyzed by fear and anxiety.  At some point, most of us procrastinate about writing.  Many people procrastinate about starting a diet or beginning an exercise plan.  It is very easy to say that you are going to start writing that new article tomorrow.  The trouble is that tomorrow never comes but your feelings of powerlessness, shame, and guilt stay with you in your subconscious mind.

There is hope!  The first step to ending procrastination is to focus precisely on what you have been procrastinating about.  Make a list of all the things you have been avoiding.  Allow this task to be simple and liberating. Remember, you are simply writing down all of the things you are avoiding. You are not requiring yourself to take any action steps right now.

Choose one item that you procrastinate about that causes you the most pain.  Perhaps you chronically procrastinate about writing an ebook and long to get your work published.  Make a decision to stop procrastinating about your writing today and get started on your dream life.  Obtain a kitchen timer or set the timer of your cell phone for seven minutes.  Write for seven minutes or until the timer goes off.  I guarantee that the first three minutes will be the most difficult.  Your mind and body will urge you to quit.  Observe how something truly magical happens around minute number four.  You feel yourself start to get into the flow. Fully experience this feeling of flow and be aware that you accomplishing this task.  Use the seven-minute timer to jump start any area of your life in which you find yourself procrastinating.

Aileen McCabe-Maucher is the author of the book "The Inner Peace Diet" which was published by Penguin Books and released in December 2008. Aileen is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who has helped many people find inner peace and discover their unique life purpose. Aileen has worked for over fifteen years as a licensed psychotherapist and registered nurse providing individual and group counseling to a diverse client population. She is a graduate of West Chester University, Widener University, University of Delaware, and The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College. Aileen studied yoga and the chakra system at The Yoga Lifestyle Center in Paoli, Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania and writing her third book.

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  1. What a good idea. To make a list of things that cause you to procrastinate. Maybe if we analyse why we're not doing something, we'll find we want to do it after all!

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  3. I love using the timer. I have used it to get through many things that I didn't want to focus on. I think also it helps to look at what is it about yourself that causes you to procrastinate. In other words, what is your procrastination style?

  4. Thank you, Aileen. I need to try that. I talk about it but don't DO it! Queen of the Procrastinators! :) Mary Jo, I'm the "crisis-maker" and the "over-doer."

  5. Some good points. I tried to sign up but the link on your website won't work. I get one of those white pages with "not found."

  6. Aileen, this is excellent advice.I think most of us are troubled with procrastination at times. I will definitely try the timer next time.

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

  7. Aileen, this is helpful info. Thank-you so much for your tip. It will help me immensely!


  8. Aileen, wonderful advice especially the timer. It's so important to get out of the mode that if we have only 10 minutes it's not enough to write. 10 minutes is better than nothing!

    All the best,

  9. I'm a great believer in how much can be done in ten minutes--but mine is usually spent washing dishes. Who was it said they wrote most of their books while washing dishes? Not me. I'm going to try to push a few more profitable teeny sessions into the day.


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