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Three Energizing Tips for Writers

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Summer holidays feel far away. The golden Autumn days and Thanksgiving serve as a reminder that Christmas is ahead and then the angst sets in. So much to do, so little time. You just have to think that and you can feel the energy draining from your body.

Boost Energy by Doing Something New

Forget all the past projects gathering dust in the far corners of your computer. What would you really like to do?
  • Try a new course. It doesn't have to cost. Sign up for Sarah Arrow's 30 Day Bogging Challenge  to increase your visibility and get daily emails with tips and advice on improving your blog. Or try Sue Fleckenstein's 30 Day PLR challenge which I found through downloading her free e-book on using your plr. 
  • Do something else entirely. Start a new website. Learn to dance the salsa. Think of something you enjoyed as a child. Do it again, Have fun.

Boost Energy by Writing Something New

  • Experiment. Have fun. Write short Christmas stories you can publish on Kindle. Choose a new genre. Turn writing time into play time. 
  • Look for new markets and new submission guidelines. Try for higher paying markets. What's the worst they can do? Say no. Just keep trying till you find out what works.
  • Writing for cash? Try ghostwriting e-books for local firms, memoirs for elderly grandparents to leave to their family, use up all that plr you always meant to do something with.

Boost Energy with Exercise

  • Bet you're tired of hearing that one. But it works. A quick walk works. Three ten minute walks equal one of thirty minutes. But if you've been deskbound for too long, even one small walk can be a struggle.
  • Start slowly. If you do too much at once, you can set yourself back by weeks. Have a look at these one minute videos. They worked for me--Sciatica gone--Hurrah. They are coming out weekly from now until the New Year on my new Energy blog.
  • Dance, sing, enjoy life. Have fun. Then write about it.

And once you're feeling brighter...

  • Prioritize your goals. Follow Debra Eckerling's advice on goal setting to achieve at least one completed project before the New Year.

Anne Duguid
Anne Duguid Knol

A local and national journalist in the U.K., Anne is now a fiction editor for award-winning American and Canadian publishers. As a new author, she shares writing tips and insights at Author Support : .

Energized Writer: is her new blog which aims to keep writers healthy of not wealthy although they spend hours seated behind computers.

Her Halloween novella, ShriekWeek is published by The Wild Rose Press and is also included in the Hauntings in the Garden anthology. (Volume Two)

Time she wrote something else...


  1. We can never be reminded of this often enough. Very nice, Anne!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I can't imagine you as anything but energized. You are indefatigable when it comes to writing and marketing. :-)

    2. Anne, sweet of you to say, but a lot of it my frugal smoke and mirrors! (-:

  2. I agree with Carolyn Anne, your post offers great advice and ideas for capturing that sometimes fleeting energy. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Linda. When it comes to disappearing, my energy can be remarkably fleet of foot. So I need lots of strategies to keep motivated!

  3. Great tips as usual Anne. I like the one on looking for new markets and jumping in. Moving outside your comfort zone is a good way to stretch yourself and get energized.

    1. I'm forcing myself along that and the learning route, Karen. A new blog, a new niche, a new course to plan...

  4. Thanks so much Anne. I'm struggling to get back on top after a virus attacked me (not my computer!) so the last selection of suggestions are especially relevant for me. I always get inspired from your posts.

    1. Dear Shirley,
      I did miss you around the boards. So sorry about your virus--you sure you didn't catch it from your computer? hehehe Be kind to yourself. Your marvellous blogging series has given you a lot of work.

  5. Thanks so much Anne. I'm struggling to get back on top after a virus attacked me (not my computer!) so the last selection of suggestions are especially relevant for me. I always get inspired from your posts.

  6. Maybe we should all print this one out and post it on our wall as part of our holiday decor!

  7. Loved this! I'm going to go out and have fun tomorrow. ; )


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