The Masters Golfing Event - A Bit of History

 April Riddle

What do April, green jackets, Amen Corner, azaleas and traditions have in common?   

Answer:  The Masters.  

The Masters is magic and the one sporting event that I almost never miss.  The Masters is as close as we get to a royal event.  There is pomp and circumstance, golfing elite, ceremonial clothes and the honoring of traditions.  In this day and age of texts, tweets, instant gratification and disposable everything, tradition gives us a sense of continuity and of safety.

Players, caddies, announcers and spectators change, but the rhythm of The Masters remains the same.  We can count on first class play, immaculately groomed greens, spectacular scenery and a true display of sportsmanship.   

Tradition connects us with our history and foretells expectations of the future.  One of my favorite commercials shows a man following players at The Masters.  When no one is looking he picks up a divot, takes it home, builds a special display area and plants his piece of history.  We all want to connect with those things that are meaningful to us. 

I know this is a leap but I think this desire to connect with important things from the past is why libraries, the smell of a printed book, newspapers and family pictures hold such a powerful place in our hearts.

So, this month spend some time reflecting on those traditions that bring continuity and safety to your world…..and tune in to The Masters.

Martha Swirzinski


Karen Cioffi said...

Interesting. A bit of remaining traditions.

Shirley Corder said...

Thanks Martha. Some interesting information.

Magdalena Ball said...

Sounds like a book in the making Martha! Because of course tradition, history, and the characters that populate it is the backbone of good fiction. With such an evocative description I'll look forward to reading it.

Melanie said...

Traditions are a good thing. And speaking of printed books, I picked a hardcover up today - a non-fiction, hard cover on the city of Kingston and surrounding Frontenac county. Also picked up a paperback that will get added to my TBR list. The stack of physical books leans ever more precariously, while my e-readers wait patiently for me to download the next tome.

Still I love the feel of a real book in my hands, the smell of the ink and paper.

And while I pine for that, I'll continue to watch The Masters and keep tabs on my favourite players... yet another tradition.

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